Dell, Unlock Key Hint Number password

Price: $10.00 USD

Just provide us with the Unlock Key Hint Number (8-hex characters).

Example code (from picture):
Unlock Key Hint Number: AE868ECA

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Just type the Unlock Key Hint Number, verify that code was typed correctly and proceed with checkout.

Once payment is completed you will immediately receive an e-mail with “Password/Unlock Key + instructions”, this password will allow you to reset the Administrator/System passwords and set your own if desired, reconfigure boot options, etc.

IMPORTANT: Do not type anything until you have received the Unlock Key (password), as Hint Code will change every 3 incorrect passwords. At second incorrect password force computer shutdown and try again.


Brief compatibility list:
Inspiron 13z 5323 Inspiron 14 N4110 Inspiron 14 (N4120) Inspiron 14R N4110 Inspiron 14z N411z Inspiron 17R 5720 Inspiron 17R N7110 Inspiron 17R SE 7720 Inspiron 5420 Inspiron 7537 Inspiron 7737 Vostro 3360 Vostro 3450 Vostro 3460 Vostro 3750 Vostro 5470 XPS 13 9333 XPS 13 L322X XPS 15 L502X XPS 15Z L511Z XPS 17 L702X