Getac, Unlock Key Hint Number password

Price: $20.00 USD

Just provide us with the Unlock Key Hint Number (8-hex characters).

Example code (from picture):
Unlock Key Hint Number: AE868ECA

NOTE: Compatible only with Getac B500G4, Getac B300G5, Getac B300H, Getac F110, Getac S400G2, Getac S400G3, Getac V100G4, Getac V110, Getac V200G2 and Getac X500G2 models.

Contact us if you have a model number not included in this list.

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Just type the Unlock Key Hint Number, verify that code was typed correctly and proceed with checkout.

Once payment is completed you will immediately receive an e-mail with “Password/Unlock Key + instructions”, this password will allow you to reset the Administrator/System passwords and set your own if desired, reconfigure boot options, etc.

IMPORTANT: Do not type anything until you have received the Unlock Key (password), as Hint Code will change every 3 incorrect passwords. At second incorrect password force computer shutdown and try again.